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   This may sound a little 'cheeky' but you were kind enough to offer me discount because of the problem with the hermes replica bags sale I bought and very grateful I was, thank you. Before that, however, you did offer me VIP discount and I wondered if that still applies because I'm sure my son would like to purchase a fake hermes bags sale from you. Can I just say I am so pleased with your service and the quality of your products. I hope you do well in your business and trading

   unfortunately the nearest bag repair shop is 25 miles away, I am really not happy paying you in full and end up receiving an item which has had more than one problem with it, the trading standards advise that you should sell items which meet the description, in this case it has not. I feel that offering me a discount is a bit of an insult considering I haven't had the use of it, at this point I would accept a replacement / other make / full refund. wishing I had a fake hermes bags sale that worked!!

   A little over a year ago, I purchased a hermes replica bags sale and love it. However, yesterday the Breitling logo on the face at the 12 o'clock position came off and is now floating within the face. Are you able to repair it? It's very frustrating as the watch is wonderful except for this issue and I'm not sure what to do about it. Original order number: No. HRW114158.

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